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Welcome to My Green Bling!

My name is Martha Konzen and I am very proud to be an It Works!
Global Independent Distributer based in Southern California. I created
Green Bling, a custom jewelry line, to enhance and represent the “home of The Crazy
Wrap” business. I wanted to have some Green Bling in my personal jewelry collection to
wear while I share my business. You really don’t need to be an It Works! Distributer to purchase and enjoy our hand-made pieces; you might just be a GREEN LOVER.

My team and I work together to create and design each custom hand-made piece made from a variety of fine natural and man-made beads to bring you unique and trendy pieces.

Along with our line of exquisite Green Bling creations, we will be offering seasonal bling lines for holidays and special occasions, as well as, welcoming custom orders.

We look forward to helping everyone bling in style!



Why Green?

I bet you’re wondering what the big deal is about the color green. Well, my passion in life is helping people make their lives better and that passion has found an outlet in It Works!, a company whose trademark color is green. It Works! offers body wraps, a variety of natural supplements and skin care products that will help improve all aspects of your life. Click here for more information about It Works!

Come shop in our online store. We are constantly adding new designs based on the availability of beads and design materials. Each piece is inherently unique as it is hand-made.

Green Bling Online Store

We offer In-Home parties in the
Southern California area.
Contact us today!



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